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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Days We Went To Blackpool Pt III

So, slap-bang in the middle of this area of tacky nostalgia was a Doctor Who exhibition. Obviously the Department of No Surprises are their landlords.

I didn't want to go in that much - I was much more interested in the cock-awful likenesses of celebs in the 'Louis Tussauds Waxwork Museum'. Louis isn't directly affiliated with the well-known London exhibit, but seems to be a cousin or somesuch who showed a glimmer of hope with some plasticine once. Unfortunately, everything he's ever done since was with his left foot while drunk, and the museum's Marilyn Munroe has to be seen to be believed. Poor constipated thing.

Anyway after we'd done that delight, the Wife coerced me through the badly painted blue doors of the Who exhibition with the promise it would be a laugh. And it was, but for all the wrong reasons - the rotting costumes, the badly-made props. Yes, we knew that it would be wobbly, but I dislike seeing these things up close as it just shows it off how bad it was. Oh, my poor bruised childhood.

Still it was nice to see the Tractators in all their glory, and the robots from Warrior's Gate back from their touring performance of 'Anne Get Your Gundan'. And thankfully, someone had nicked Former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston's rubbery face from the line of Doctors, stopping him beaming (in his forced way) out at you as you fiddle with his nob on the console. He's not a looker, is he? Despite what the publicity says. He's not sexy. At all. I mean the nose, the ears... in a strong gust of wind he's going to spin like a weather cock.

We like Billie Piper though. We're glad she's staying on for Season Two, despite seemingly being played by 80s Kylie Minogue in the poster campaign, thus:

Spot The Difference

Anyway. The Wife was utterly charming while we were there, bounding around all over the place going, "Do that have that air hostess outfit? You know, the purple one?" and "The monster from Peladon! Is that here? That used to scare me!" For someone who's never been a fan, he knows an awful lot about the Death Zone on Gallifrey.

I texted a friend halfway around. 'It's rubbish,' I wrote. He replied with 'Yes! But next year it's going to be rubbish with New Things!'

That made me weirdly happy.


Rob said...

The Wife has probably absorbed it by osmosis you know. It's amazing what you can pick up when going out with someone.

Worryingly I know several people who think that Ecclescake is extremely sexy. I intend to disassociate myself from them at the first opportunity.

Or the second opportunity. Whichever is sooner.

cyberpete said...

Billie does indeed look like a weird 80s clone of Miss K in that pic. I think they did a little airbrush lipo on her face or made her face longer.

SL&V said...

Sorry, nope, she's Sharon from Eastenders. She's got the hair, the pug nose and the jowls... not to mention a carbon copy East End accent.

Comparing her to Charlene is just libelous!

Concrete X said...

Annie Get Your Gundan.


You need a smack, don't you?

Mr Oddverse said...

I appear to have regenerated. That's kind of surprising. I was going to say something erudite, but the vodka has broken me.

Snooze said...

Now this is a great travelogue. I know that I can fly and see the Eiffel Tower, Parthenon, etc., anytime - but a Doctor Who exhibit in all its lurid tackiness - that's something that so many of your readers will only experience through your blog. Thank you.