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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bad Vibrations

Woman knocked out by saucy vibrating knickers. Read it here if you must.

Only in Wales.

Well, only in ASDA.


Now I do hope you're all imagining clapped-out cock-jocky 'mum in a million' Sharon Osborne wandering around the shelves and smacking her arse to camera, all whilst wearing a pair of these fetid undercrackers.

And lo! You'd be able to see her snail trail right up to the bread counter.


Snooze said...

Lee, it's 7:30am in Toronto right now and I'm gagging over the visual of Sharon Osborne and her snail trail. I'm quite impresssed with the ASDA shopper though. Passed out in pleasure. Not bad at all.

Lee said...

Who else is impressed/excited/concerned that darling Snooze reads this nonsense at 7.30am?


Mr Kenneth said...

Well I tend to view the Binding Bile over lunch and I can tell you the edge was taken off the enjoyment of my Pret Pastrami on Rye by talk of lower frontal feminine emissions!

Clair said...

I just love the fact that Ann Summers are now using that story on their own website.

Snooze said...

What can I say? You're good to wake up to.

lonukste said...

thats lovely...x