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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Click The Kylie

According to Attitude Magazine (glossy rag for Gentlemen who Know Showtunes that we all tend to ignore until they do a 'Naked' issue) both horsey Camilla Parker-Bowles and Chav-ette superstar Colleen McLoughlin are both gay icons.




We are a discernable people (that rogue Atomic Kitten album in our collection notwithstanding) and we use the term 'icon' sparingly. We do. We are even known, as a result, to say 'Just click the Kylie' when pointing at applications on our computer Desktop. For us, an icon is folk we want to have to our fabulous soirées, go sing along to in concert or, in the most extreme cases, dress up as for a fabulous bit of glamour. And, well, you can dress up as that awful McLoughlin woman for a party near Bluewater if you wish as all you will need is a mobile phone, some press-on nails and to stuff your head through a Burberry duvet cover and - ta-da! - a Colleen. But we'd rather not. We do sequins and glamour, not scraped-back hair and hoop earrings. No, when you're using the Liza-Scale, Mz Parker-Bowles nor that grubby McLoughlin woman are even a blip on the gaydar.

PS - Conversely, Jackie Tyler is a gay icon.


Concrete X said...

Jackie Tyler, a gay icon? Hmm. Not sure about that, mister. But if Doctor Who's Rose had a brother, you just *know* he'd be very Good With Colours.

ps: How can I be Good With Colours and rubbish at them at the same time?

Lee said...

Well, she applied for the pack from The Gay Council, and we approved her early - overlooking her love of scratchcards, and stamped her 'Gay Approved' for her cool head in a crisis and willingness to wave baseball bats at monsters.

PS- Darling Neil, you are the exception to many rules. And that's why we all love you.

Mr Oddverse said...

Attitude is mainly targeted at men who need combination therapy and rogaine from what I can tell. Yuck, as we used to say.

Miss Mish said...

But Camilla does tick the boxes.
Not having The Man She Loves? Check
Married to The Wrong Man? Check.
Stoical Stance (Also known as the 'Que Sera,Sera' bit) Check.
Seen with Drink and Fag? Check.
And It All Coming True In The End? Check.
It could almost be a Doris Day Musical!

Lee said...

Yes. But. She has teeth like an East End piano and looks like mutton dressed as mutton if you even get her near a sequin.

Gay Council Unapproved.