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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The High-Dive

There should only be enough room on said high-dive platform for two - at the most - whiny women singers. As soon as a third one comes along, eg Lucie Silvas, this then pushes Joss Stone along one, and forces KT Tunstall off the end and to fall the eighty feet onto the broken concrete below.

Perfectly acceptable.


cyberpete said...

Who are those people? I know Joss Stone, she's the girl who sang with Robbie Williams barefoot at some event right?

Jon said...

Awwww poor Lucie!

She is harmless enough. Can we not just push Joss Stone off again.. you know, just to make sure!

Bob said...

And Natalie Imbruglia and Avril are already at the bottom of the pool?? I like this game.

Rob said...

Now now. Natalie gave us an excellent debut album.

But based on her current form I think we should put something corrosive in the pool too.

Babycham, perhaps.