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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Spring Cleaning

You know me. I love a spotless nook, and get immeasurable pleasure just having a go at a dusty crevice with a handy-wipe. So, as the weather's fine, it's time to do a little bit of spit and polish on the old BlogRoll. Out with the old, in the with the new, and lie back satisfied after a good hour's work with a used tissue and a smile on my plastic face.

Right. Who's up for a squirt and a wipe?

New Recruits
And who's this reporting for duty? Why, we at Glitter for Brains have a rather boring job at times so justify it by surfing the web for new things to tickle us like a misplaced duster. Why not click on them for hilarious fun (wink wink)? They're alarmingly good, but don't you dare start thinking there are better people than me out there. There'll be trouble. Anyway.

Evil Gay Lawyer. I like this guy. He's so acerbic, my collection of litmus paper always turns whenever I click on. (What, don't you have a collection? Pah. Leave me, you foolish minion).

Fagotty-Ass Faggot. A gentleman and no mistake. Which basically means he may ask before he cums in your mouth, I'm not sure. I'll get my book on Etiquette...

Joe My God. Well yes. He's won awards, you know. And rightfully so as he's very good. Where I'm rattling on about Sharon Osborne's snatch, he's observing the human condition. 'Tom-ay-to, tom-ar-to' say I.

Jamie4U. Spoof blog by the author of Doll Soup's fabulous site. One of those rare blog's you're glad to be in from the beginning. Catch it quick before it becomes annoyingly popular, and wince as you realise you know someone like this...

Moving House
Dear Erin-Go-Blog's gone from the blogging suburbs and has moved to a new abode. Update! Now!

Fallen Comrades
As the blogging community goes on, we unfortunately lose some of the more exciting members when they realise that they have a real life. He's an honour roll of who's missing in action.

Zbornak. Darling Z was the man who inspired me to take up the imaginary glue-pen, shake my head, and stick this glitter all over god's own interweb in the first place. I loved getting my hand on his column daily, even when it mutated into what seemed to be the short-lived Zbornak's Shopping Emporium. He's finally shuffled off this mortal coil, and his passing is mourned by all.

The Invisible Stranger. I never knew thee, but loved your work. No-one objected to man-made fibres like this man. Sniff. Sadly missed.

The Augustan Stables. I'm inconsolable this has gone off into the ether as it was a daily read. Even when it wasn't updated for weeks. I used to try and pick meaning from the first word of every sentence to eke as much pleasure out of it as possible.

Billy Bathgate. He liked the same type of men I do. Poor thing. Rest in peace.

And a quick shout out to all those lovelies who I couldn't pass a day without! MissMish, Snooze, St Snaffu, Louise, Bob, Pete, Rob, Ultrasparky, Gertie, Oddverse oh the list is endless! So do go through my BlogRoll to find everyone. They're not on there unless there's a good reason, you know. Pleasure is but one click away!

Right. I'm spent. Ooh, and don't you dare come in here with muddy feet - I've just cleaned!


Pensiero Bello said...

Both of the last two are still around on other sites. Just not updating blogs any more. You do mean the 'Augean Stables', don't you? He's got a new job, keeping him busy. I shall hopefully be seeing Billy Bathgate in a fortnight. He broke up with the boyfriend who was the subject of a lot of the blog, btw.

Lee said...

I do indeed. The only way I could remember the title was to think 'What month's my birthday in?' and subtract some letters. Obviously I didn't subtract enough.

Besides! I have bigger things to think about other than accuracy. I've got marmite on my hands. And there's no hot water in the office for a while. The afternoon's going to be... interesting.

Concrete X said...

please do not tell him but i'm in love with Joe My God

ZFW said...

Bless you, my child. I am looking down upon you from my cell in Heaven and smiling broadly. I am so happy The Doctor is back with you now and long may you continue blogging so beautifully.

paddalumpakins said...

Weeeeee you linked to me!

Mr Oddverse said...

I'm going to dress up as the face of Boe this weekend. Just so you know.

Snooze said...

I've been working my way through your new recruits [that sounds a bit perverse..]. Yay! More readings to distract me from the work day.