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Friday, June 03, 2005

Size Does Matter

Enter Comedy Housemate, avec les Dremel Multi.

JAY: Beardface!

LEE: Gallagher!

JAY: Well. That's a nice new shirt.

LEE: You did notice you say 'nice' like most people say 'skin disease'?

JAY: A mere coincidence. So where's it from?

LEE: Some expensive little boutique you've probably never heard of.

JAY: It's Gap, isn't it?

LEE: No.

JAY: Isn't it?

LEE: No.

JAY: Isn't it?

LEE: Yes.

JAY: Thought so. And I'm always right.

LEE: How do you know what's going on in Gap?

JAY: Oh, we people in a certain pay bracket get sent a brochure of what not to wear. Gap had a centre spread.

LEE: Oh come on. Even Top Man advertises in Vogue!

JAY: That's not an advert, that's a warning. Anyway, what are you going in there for? You told me you despised it.

LEE: Are you sure? Despise is rather strong...

JAY: You said you'd rather, and I do quote, 'eat a bowl of your own hair' than visit that 'emporium of enforced cheeriness'.

LEE: Ha! That's very funny.

JAY: Well don't think you are. We'll start having all sorts of trouble with you if you start thinking you're funny.

LEE: I am funny!

JAY: You see this?

LEE: Your expensive training shoe?

JAY: Yes.

LEE: Ow!

JAY: Now. Let's hope that's knocked some sense into you.

LEE: Oowwww! That really hurt!

JAY: Now stand up and tell me why were you shopping at Gap? Hmm? Hmm?

LEE: Look at that! I've got PUMA stamped backwards on my forehead!

JAY: Yes, and all I have to do is write 'PET' at the end for it to read 'A MUPPET'. Now why were you shopping at Gap?

LEE: I like the colours.

JAY: You hate the colours.

LEE: The staff are really friendly.

JAY: Your hackles visibly rise whenever a functionary even within ten feet of you!

LEE: It's bright and cheerfu-

JAY: Shut up.

LEE: Alright. Alright. I like it in there because I'm a jean size lower in there than everywhere else.

JAY: I beg your pardon.

LEE: In Gap I'm a 30-inch waist. Everywhere else I'm a 32.

JAY: If you're a 32, I'll eat my WarHammer figures.

LEE: How very dare you! I've lost over two stone in the last year!

JAY: And yet last night you sat in the bath and ate Hagan-Daaz ice-cream until you were almost sick. That's not conducive to a diet, you know.

LEE: How do you..?

JAY: There was a brown tide mark on the bath.

LEE: It may not have been chocolate.

JAY: You disgust me.

LEE: The only thing about these Gap jeans is the other measurement. I mean, yes, it's nice to now be two inches less around the waist, but...

JAY: But what?

LEE: I also seem to have lost two inches in height.

JAY: How concerning. Although you did lose a lot of weight.

LEE: It's probably that no-one in Gap has a decent tape measure.

JAY: You did used to have really fat ankles. Perhaps they deflated two inches.

LEE: Bitch.


c'lam said...

i like the fact that in the ladieswear they use US sizes, which means i get to buy a 14. my illusions are shattered once i look in the mirror though.

oh well, tits like mine don't grow on skinny bodies.

cyberpete said...

The Gap advertises in american Vogue.. I was shocked and appalled!

Clair said...

Excuse me while I have a quiet snigger in the corner...

mainja said...

"Yes, and all I have to do is write 'PET' at the end for it to read 'A MUPPET'"

have i told you lately just how much i love you lee?

Owen Blacker said...

And I have to add to that lovefest.

Even if you buy clothing from child-labor-using, union-busting scum. The mother of my future child is most upset I've vetoed Baby Gap :o)

j(aded) said...

Gold. Again!

I love these script posts Lee. Mwah!

Jay said...

So do I. They're very funny, and unfortunately he does me very well...

Lee said...


Jay said...
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Owen Blacker said...

Comment Deleted
This post has been removed by the blog administrator.

Does that mean our "special" friend is back? ;o)

Jay said...

Nope, just that Lee didn't like a comment I left... I can guarentee that I don't have the time or the interest to be the stalker, it'd be too easy since we share a house!

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