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Wednesday, July 06, 2005



So, I stood against The Olympics.
I blogged against Bush coming back for a second term.
I even promised something vauge and bitchy if Christopher Eccleston was to be cast as Doctor Who.

Anyone else get the oddest feeling that this gaily-coloured blog is cursed?


Rob said...

I don't think it's the blog. I think it's us.

I too have railed against these things and they have still come to pass.

I dunno. If it wasn't for having to learn French I'd move to Paris.

EGL said...

Its not the blog, its that the people who read it are not in power...yet!

Eden said...

But I thought London wasn't supposed to get it b/c the food's so bad. Isn't that how the IOC decides these things? Did someone slip them a haggis?

cyberpete said...

All I can say, glad it's not coming our way ;)

Rob said...

A haggis! That's probably it!

I'd do anything for a haggis so I'm sure the IOC would have done too.

Dirty dirty people that they are.

Mr Oddverse said...

I see a pink blog and I want to paint it black...

What was your vague bitchy promise? Did we see pictures?

Is it true that you've been seen out and about with Billie Piper?

Mr Oddverse said...

Bollocks to the whole blogger comment thing by the way. Gets right on my tits.

Love and hugs,

Owen Blacker said...

Oh, don't move to Paris. Paris is full of Parisians and they're all mad and nasty! :)