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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Olympics IV

I'm beginning to worry about my friends.

My Evil Best Friend Declan has gone and settled down with a nice man, and last phonecall contained an awful lot of references to what paint he was using in the lounge. And Kimberly Lesbian is currently speeding far away from the Island of Saphos by riding out of the port on a rather charming man called Nick.

Seemingly all is not lost, though. Even through the hearts in his eyes, I got this text message from Declan last night:

'Bad news, we got the Olympics. Good news, we get the Special Olympics thrown in for free. Shall we get tickets and just laugh?'

I heart him.


kim said...

Ian. His name is Ian, you dizzy queen.

Oooh, yes. Speshul Lympics. The Cerebal Palsy 100 metres is the funniest thing I've ever seen on TV. And yes, I am utterly ashamed of this.

Lee said...

"Ian. His name is Ian, you dizzy queen."

I am also Spechul.

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