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Monday, August 01, 2005

"I'm Not In"

Now. As well you know, this place is not a place of rumour and gossip (pauses, waits for hilarity and general cries of 'Pray cease! We may crack a rib!' to die down) but there's currently some scurrilous hearsay going around that the next season of high-kicking hilarity Alias will be the last.

(Episode III Darth Vader on)
(Episode III Darth Vader off)

Why?! Why on earth would they want to cancel a show with the same plot every week? It's just not right. And you can't give us that 'Oh, it's time for it to come to an end while it's still a classic' line - the show has jumped so many sharks it performs at the Calypso Beach Marine Show twice-nightly.

Oh there'll be some press release about Jennifer Garner wanting to pursue her movie career, and for exec producer JJ Abrams wanting to concentrate on his other show, Lost - although we feel he's just run out of ideas on how to introduce any more Evil Female Aunties for Sydney to fight - plausibly or otherwise. But more importantly, what on earth shall we, the Gentlemen Who Know Too Many Showtunes, watch now? We'd better hope that something just as fabulous along before too long...

Well. And they'll have to find a use for all those wigs somewhere...


CUT TO: 'LOST' Season Two.

Jack! Look! Washed up on the beach... there's a crate!

Whatever it is, darlin' - it's now mine.

Don't open it! Don't open it!

But it was too late...


Spaceminx said...

You're silly. I like it.

SL&V said...

Stock up on wiggage!!

epicurist said...

LOL - maybe Sydney will get thrown overboard and land on the Lost Island. Let's see you make a plot out of that! Of course, ensure that Sydney goes through every emotion in each episode.

Ms Mac said...

While I would agree that Sawyer is mostly attractive, he really does require a haircut.

j(aded) said...