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Monday, September 05, 2005

A Memo To The Gay Council

Dear Cher and co,

Girls! Delightful occurrence in the States. Found the most marvellous thing! Board game called 'Pretty Pretty Princess'!

Allow me to read from the back of the box:

'Play dress-up with your friends as you collect fancy jewellery from the jewellery box. Collect your own matching colour necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings. (!) But beware the Black Ring! (!!) If you get it, you must get rid of it before you can win. (!!!) When you have all of your jewellery plus the tiara, you win the game. Then you'll be as pretty as a princess - the Pretty Pretty Princess!'

I move to have this included in the Gay Starter Pack, as given out when we recruit a new member.

Currently, said Starter Pack comes with the following items:

1 x Hello Dolly (DVD)
1 x Xanadu (DVD)
2 x disco top (showing midrift)
1 x apron (kitchen type; embroidered)
1 x subscription to Wallpaper/Heat magazine (delete as applicable)
2 x shoes too fashionable to be comfortable
1 x Barbara Striesand album you claim never to know how it got in your collection as you surreptitiously scratch of the price tag
1 x waffle iron.

I suggest we throw out the waffle iron to include Pretty Pretty Princess. No-one doing carbs anymore.

Hope you're all well and pool party went well!

Love and kisses,


Owen Blacker said...

I just emailed this to the other office faggot (as my best-mate-who-is-also-a-colleague is off to Gran CanarĂ­a atm).

It did tickle me that Microsoft's spelling dictionary didn't know either Cher or Xanadu. Though not quite as much as seeing Lee misspell Barbra Streisand or that it didn't know carbs and instead suggested "No-one doing crabs anymore." *GRIN*

That's a truly scary game. And I'm even more worried that it's Editor's Choice on!

klee said...

Can I move to have Xanadu replaced by either: -

a. Showgirls
b. Thoroughly Modern Millie


Bob said...

We love PPP. Have you played yet? There's always at least one in every crowd who needs the black ring, hissing "I don't care if I can't win, I want the black one." Pleased to report my 8-year old niece is one of 'em.

And, um, is there no moisturizer in the gay swag bag???

Dantallion said...

I got NONE of these things when I came (ahem) over to the dark side.

As for the 'dark ring', it seems to me that that would be the first item I'd be drawn to. Already have, actually.

Snooze said...

I love the starter kit, but I think you'll need an alternate version for the leather boys. They would be missing out though on that fine board game you describe.

Joe said...

I once played Pretty Pretty Princess in a tent in the woods, with three very drunk bears. I did not win. OR get the black ring.

Still miffed about that.

BTW, Pretty Pretty Princess is a fairly common but always welcome xmas gift for American fags. You can always use another copy of the game because faggots often will LEAVE WITH THE JEWELRY.

CyberPete said...

The game sounds fabulous but I'm a bit confused as to why I never got that starter pack? Is that for English speaking countries only?