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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Christmas Came Early!

Oh! More another fax from the House of Dubious Sexuality - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are having a baby!

Is anyone else fooled? I thought not. So unless this is the coming of the new messiah via an immaculate conception due to there being no way Mz Cruise is actually going to plough his self-custard up her immaculate mimsy, one can only assume that the turkey baster came out for a bit of a show a few weeks back.

Well, my advice for you is not to visit chez Cruise for Thanksgiving.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

There was a girl in our village called Mimsy. As I recall she preferred rice pudding to custard. Perhaps I should introduce her to poor Katie Holmes...

Dantallion said...

Well, my advice for you is not to visit chez Cruise for Thanksgiving.

I'd still like to taste his stuffing...despite his apparent lapse further and further into insanity of late.

Broadband Ian said...

I thought that was going to be a limerick:

"A girl in our village called Mimsy,
Preferred rice pudding to custard,
She'd never put out,
And both legs had gout,
So I bedded her brother, the bastard".

mainja said...

dan - really? see, after his recent public displays of insanity and insensitivity i just can't get into him anymore. i used to drool uncontrollably over him, it was rather inconvenient and damp to go to the theatre to see, say, mission impossible...

Vampire Librarian said...

Lee, I'm surprised I had to find this out from another source.

London Sex Theme Park

You're falling down on the job, man.

Broadband Ian said...

This is entirely unconnected, but is a recommendation:

My local pizza delivery place is fantastic. The pizzas are hot, variety huge, and while they might be a little pricier than most, in every one you get a free graden table for your Subbuteo teams.

Snooze said...

I tried to avoid even hearing about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and now you've imprinted a visual in my head that is causing me to vomit uncontrollably. Ah well, I'm off to New York for the week-end so at least I'll be slimmer for that.