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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Door Bulges

Well, wasn't it nice of Daniel Powter to re-release his first song for those who had missed it the first time around, now with the new name of 'Free Loop'? It's that kind of charitable thought that makes us glad most of his playdoh head is almost completely encased in wool.

Anyway. This Saturday morning, he graced the couch of some garish pop show, gaily chatting away while the Wife and I read the papers. We've had, uh, 'Concerns' about young Mr Powter for some time. So it was with interest that we watched him answer the question 'Name three women you fancy'.

"Gwen Stefani," stated Powter after a nervous smile.

"Ding!" said the Wife. He peered over the top of his 'Environmentalist', ear cocked, pausing in his bookmarking things about The Evils of Teflon.

"Er," Powter squirmed. "Er.... Madonna "


"One more," urged the presenters.

The Wife leaned forward.

"...And, er, Diana Ross."

"Ding-ding-ding! You are OUT! my friend," said the Wife.

Well. There you have it.


St. Dickeybird said...

Heehee. His tell was his taste in women. My tell will be when my inlaws first see me dance!

Lee said...

Mine is shopping. I enjoy it Far Too Much.

Rob said...

Mine was the gay porn my dad found in my wardrobe.

Is it just me or is "the family" getting infiltrated by far too many undesirables nowadays?

Between him and that one from Westlife it's enough to make you want to attend correction therapy.

surly girl said...

what's under that hat that he's so ashamed of, that's what i'd like to know. i suspect he's either balding (and ashamed) or perhaps if he takes his hat off the world will be able to see the shiny metallic control panel that the record company uses to keep him on a loop.

AndyT13 said...

Hey! What's wrong with Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Di...uh...

Dantallion said...

He had a bad day.

tornwordo said...

What he had never rehearsed the question? Not a promising prospect for the team now is he?

Lee said...

It seems we let anyone play these days.


Kellycat said...

What part of Canada is he from? As he's not a very promising gay, have you considered that, aside from his mother and sister, those are just the only three women he can name?

(He could have said Celine Dion, but even he couldn't bring himself to say that.)

kyknoord said...

There goes the neighbourhood.

RickB said...

i'm not convinced. despite his girly voice, hunched shoulders and really odd smirk, I can't see that any gay, nervous-wreck-of-a-closet or otherwise, would wear a mustard shirt on national television (Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Monday night). Unless it's part of the disguise.