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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Live DVD - And Two Dead Eyes

Now available in the shops for you to keep and keep again (and keep on keeping) is the second DVD in which I grace the contents. Hurrah! I shall exist eternal in the digital medium, immortalised in a soon-to-be-defunct format! Er, oh.

Anyway, you're probably wondering what it was, aren't you? Actually, some of the clever ones of you out there are wondering what the first DVD I was on, but I'm not going to tell you. I shall merely say that I needed the cash and thought it was a genuine advert for a builder's mate.

This second DVD, whereas, will be no surprise to discover is the new Girls Aloud DVD, Live (ha!) at Hammersmith Apollo. I'm in the audience. Cheering my little gay ass off as the Four Songstresses of Pop (plus Nicola) dance and sing (while Nicola hoofs it over the stage, visibly counting her dance steps).

Oh, I know. We shouldn't be so cruel to poor, ginger, band-member Nicola. She can't help it if she thinks looking out of the DVD packaging with eyes of a stunned gazelle actually equals 'sultry'. You can see evidence of this on the cover - she's the one on the far right who appears to have just been for electroshock therapy:

They were live. No really


And here's what HMV are cunningly doing to increase sales:

No dead eyes!

Poor Nicola. Poor, poor Nicola.


MQ said...

That red dot is hilarious!

Is it real or did you do it to make us all laugh? Respect either way.

surly girl said...

she truly is the gary barlow of the 'loud.

poor wooden ginger witch.

Broadband Ian said...

I think this is an interactive game for those unfamiliar with the group (should such a person exist): would lifting the sticker provide a fifth sultry songstress to be appreciated, or turn it into a cover even Leslie Grantham wouldn't spill his self-custard over?

Sort of "Open the Box" with Girls Aloud.

The mind boggles.

CyberPete said...

Oh those girls are scaring me with those stares. Did they run out of stickers?

RickB said...

i think it's time to stop ginger-bashing. did nobody see damian lewis in that bbc thing the other night?
anyway. nicola is my favourite. she's had obstacles to overcome. Just like Judy.

Skip said...

Even better was the Girls Aloud documentary, where, whenever they interviewed Nicola, a caption came up saying "Nicola". They didn't do this for the other girls.

Dantallion said...

Getting back to the first DVD, Define "mate".

And is it available at

Imogen said...
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j(aded) said...

Har! Thank GOD I didn't meet Nicola! :p

klee said...

And you know what Nicola thinks?


Nicola is like a fine but difficult wine (corked Lambrini perhaps?) It's that tell-tale "Do I have to do this now?" expression she always wears.

Watching her try to pout in the video for Long Hot Summer was hysterical.

Imogen said...

The worst bit is that Nicola hails from the same rural backwater as i do! And she's something of a local celebrity- it was a choice between her and Judith Chalmers, and while I know which one I'd prefer, popular opinion differs.

epicurist said...

I haven't the faintest clue who these are...

Lee said...

Get hip, grandma.

Snooze said...

People at work already think I'm a freak and today I kept sniggering thinking of these images. At the most ridiculous moments. I couldn't even explain as Girls Aloud has yet to grace the Canadian airwaves.