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Friday, February 17, 2006

Monster Mash

Your beleagured stand-in blogwriter is sick today, and home from work. Thankfully, there's nothing wrong with my stomach, because I've just gone through the Glitter For Brains Design-a-Monster competition, and it's enough to make an 'orse sick.

You may remember that last Friday, I asked for you to send in your ideas for how this blog would look if it were a monster in BBC1's shonky old sci-fi series Doctor Who. So, without further ado (because I want to get back to bed, to be honest!), we present the top three.

Number Three

The lovely Paul sent in this terrifying picture. Avert your gays! It's Vanessa Felch!


As Paul says, "She certainly scares me and she looks like she'd be able to absorb a lot of extras on Dr Who. Ugh." Ugh indeed.

Number Two (snigger)

Trashbinder has been surfing the zeitgeist, it seems, to find the most horrifying thing lurking deep within the public consciousness today. And, if the last series of Doctor Who could do it with normal Big Brother, we can do it with Celebrity Big Brother!


Shudder! I think you've smudged your lippy a bit, Pete... Oh. Oh, never mind.

Number One!

Finally, big congratulations to someone calling themselves Herman the Rabbit. As his prize, he walks away with some rubbish I don't want any more. And here it is - The Horror of THE CHERLURIAN!


A personal favoutite (and, if we're playing by the rules, definitely the one monster that says "Eek! It's Glitter For Brains made flesh!). Herman! Email me again with your address, and boundless riches* shall be yours!

Thanks all. I'm going to leave it there for this week and return to my sickbed. I shall see you on Monday, when I'll get on with that cats-and-dogs thing I was blithering about last week.

* Terms and conditions apply


The Lady Muck said...

Oh God! It's the Felch! Er, Feltz, how horrifying! *Shudders. Twice.*
A worthy winner though. Am terrified and impressed, all at the same time, but tell me, what are her powers?

Eden said...


Spike said...

*very very scared*

Tickersoid said...

I emailed my brother about Felching. I said it was the suck arse and spunk thing. He googled it and informed me it was also the tiny rodent and arse thing. Truely a scary monster.

Snooze said...

How will the Doctor survive? wow, congrats to Herman.

[and hope you feel better]

Fuckkit said...

I'll be sending you my therapy bill for unleashing number three upon us.

Vesper said...

Funny! Get better soon!

Alice said...

Now that is some scary shit! lol

St. Dickeybird said...

Ugh. I remember in the 80s, thinking Pete Burns was hot.

Now he's just vomitous.