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Friday, February 10, 2006


Crayons at the ready! It's time for the Glitter for Brains interactive Friday group competiton!

Now, some of you may have heard of a wacky little science-fiction show called Doctor Who. And some of you may have heard of a straight-laced TV programme for middle-class, football-dodging children called Blue Peter. Twice in its history, BP has run a competition to design a monster for Doctor Who. Most recently, some pre-teen autist... I mean, artist... won the competition with their design for a preposterous creature called the Absorbaloff, which defeats its enemies by sucking them into its translucent tummy. The Absorbaloff will be made flesh in an episode of the second series later this year.


1) Given the new series of Doctor Who's focus on council estate life, 'Asbo-alott' would have been a more apposite epithet.

2) Children know nothing, and shouldn't be allowed to meddle with the important business of making monsters for TV shows.

So, this is where you come in. We, the great and bountiful readers of the Glitter for Brains blog, are going to design our own monster. But this will be no ordinary monster, oh no.

This monster will be Glitter for Brains made manifest! Imagine if, due to some terrible accident involving a stand-in blog writer, a cup of coffee, six Girls Aloud CDs, a dodgy PC, five tons of sequins and Cher, this whole blog CAME TO LIFE! Just what would Glitter for Brains look like if it were a monster in Doctor Who?

To your notepads! To the computer art programme of your choice! Show me your vision of this hideous creature!

When you've drawn your monster, scan it in and/or turn it into a jpg, and send it to We'll go through the entries next week, and announce the winner next Friday!

The winner will be able to sellotape a printout of their design over the TV screen during transmission of an episode of the next series of Doctor Who, and thereby pretend their creation has actually been used by the production team on the show itself. Also, I've got some bonkers stuff lying about my desk that I'd like to get rid off, so the winner can have that, too.

So, come on. Terrify me (no corduroy, please), titillate me, transfix me with your boundless creativity.

I can't wait to see what you come up with...


Snooze said...

Oh my goodness! Is is relevant that I have no drawing talent whatsoever? Can I send in a photo of myself dressed up as a monster? Will sniffing all my markers count?

Traveller said...

Oh how you do work us all!

Tickersoid said...

What's the closing date? I'm busy getting drunk this weekend.

Kellycat said...

Lee never gives us homework.

I was warming to you David, but I'm starting to cool again now.

MQ said...

A glitter for brains man-fest monster? Whatever next?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see it! I would make the effort to create a monster myself but, as I said before, I have no digicam/scanner/money-to-buy-aforementioned-objects-to-get-my-entry-in-the-Demon-Box. So, I'll let you all do the hard work!

David said...

Absolutely any entries are welcome. Perhaps you've found a photo of something suitably ghastly somewhere on the net - send that in. Or maybe *you* are suitably ghastly - so, send a photo of yourself!

The higher you are on marker pens - and this goes for all of you - the better! :)

There's no closing date, as such, as long as it's with me by next Friday.

Bert said...

I love this! I wish I knew how to us a 3D modeling program. I would design something appropriate and then use a snapshot of your website and overlay it as the "skin" of the monster! Hey, if someone knows how to do that sort of thing, go for it!

The Lady Muck said...

Ooooh project. Any excuse for solvents.

Fuckkit said...

Possibly the campest monster in history.

Spaceminx said...

David said: Perhaps you've found a photo of something suitably ghastly somewhere on the net - send that in.

*looks for a picture of the Bride of Wildenstein*

I can't even use fecking HTML tags let alone send in artwork.

Spaceminx said...

I can't find a picture of the Bride of Wildenstein. Will a pic of Pete Burns do?

surly girl said...

aren't they the same person? i've never seen them in the same room. i think jackie stallone may be another of it's disguises.