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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Venice Part I

Apparently people live there. God only knows how.

I mean, it's an utterly beautiful city, but how do people survive with all the shops selling little more than those creepy masks, fabulous clothes, hand-crafted marbled paper? Do the residents spend their time sitting in haute couture, being incognito while writing exquisite memoirs in their masks, keeping thin by munching on a gorgeous piece of A4?

I'd ask them, but my Italian is limited to a few words. Well, it's a hard language to master. I was only in Venice for a few days (did you miss me?) and kind of worried about not being able to speak the language, but the Wife, a seasoned traveller of the globe, was thrilling me with all the various Italian he knew on the plane all the way there. And you know me, while I'm no stranger to a foreign tongue, but Italian is a language I've never had the pleasure of outside a darkroom where I once tripped over a gentleman of pure olive skin who smelt of pesto, so I assume he was of that extraction. And then I only learned some words you really shouldn't use when trying to find the lido.

So there I was, in awe and reliant of the Wife's multilingual abilities, which were instantly blown when we landed at Marco Polo airport and he couldn't even get us outside. I found a functionary, grabbed the map and pointed where we wanted to go with a pleading 'por favouri'. Turned out he spoke English anyway.

(Although, wherever you go in the world, the language of what that little paper bag next to the toilet is pretty universal.)

But - oh! - Venice. It really does live up to the hype. I haven't seen anything like it on Earth: even arriving around midnight and staggering on to their equivalent of public transport, you realise that you're on a boat, going up the Grand Canal, with all these beautiful buildings around you. So pretty that you actually get Building Fatigue after the second day: there's only so many times you can stop and take a picture of a beautifully rustic doorway, or a slowly-crumbling fa├žade.

But I have enough pictures of the Wife anyway. Arf.


kyknoord said...

Of course we missed you. Doesn't look like you missed us, though.

Lee said...

Of *course* I did! I came back, didn't i?


Qenny said...

It sounds lovely. Is it at all whiffy? I heard rumours to that effect. If I ever visit, I'll be similarly at the mercy of my Lovely Husband? who has a degree in Italian, for heaven's sake. What it is about these antipodean chaps?

Spinsterella said...

I went to Venice once. With The Ex.

We got hopelessly lost and had a huge argument over St Mark's Square was *worth* seeing.

What a twat.

CyberPete said...

You are so right, going up the grand canal is fantastic.

Never been to Venice though I've always wanted to.

Lubin said...

I was there only 3 weeks ago myself... yes, pretty, but what's with all those f**king masks? It was like wandering through the backlot during the making of Eyes Wide Shut. Disturbing.

First Nations said...

so jealous.
honest to god, lee.
i hope you had the kind of time i am desparately fantasizing you had, which would have been a very, very good time indeed.

italian men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Shit Sherlock said...

Wow. Coooool.
Was it fun?
Were there Maskerades?
Were the men nice?

Spike said...

I'm with Quenny. Is it whiffy?

Miss Cellania said...

I am so jealous. I suppose the food was wonderful. And wine.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I too am wondering as to the, shall we say fragrancy of Venice?

And how was the heat? A friend of mine is out there now, complaining about temperatures hot enough to put the surface of the sun to shame.

Bob said...

I can attest that at leat one person makes a living cutting hair there. Got a new coif when I first visted there. It's an amazing place.

tornwordo said...

I was wondering where you been. Ahh Venice, so lovely. (And the glass blowers of Murano are to die for) Glad you're back!