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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

...In A Storm

I spent last weekend in Cardiff. Cardiff has it all. A nice leafy park on the banks of the Taff, a Norweigan church down the bay that serves cream teas (not enough fruit in the scone and insufficient jam, but I didn't like to make a fuss), a castle and, of course, chippy alley. It's called Caroline Street really, but it's home to 48 chip shops. They saved my life. It was late. I was drunk and I *needed* chips and beans. Well worth a visit...

Charlotte Church has her own seat in Tony's. She can often be seen down there of a Friday night, propping up the deep fat frier, swigging a cheeky Vimto. I like to imagine that the cheeky Vimto (blue WKD combined with port) is what turns a sweet angelic girl from the Valleys into a Crazy Chick.

Which brings me to my first fabulous fact about Lee. Last time I got him down the pub, he asked me to get him port. Port. An old man's drink. OK, not such an amazing fact... but I like to think that if anyone was irresponsible enough to spike his drink with a noxious alcopop, he'd be swearing at the press and staggering around with Gavin Henson's thighs round his neck before you can say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

An average night out for our lord and master, I'm sure.

Well, I'd better get a wiggle on. My love to you all.


Lee is down the shops


Jemima said...

Port is chic. I drink Port*. I am chic. Proof.

*from a glass, not mixed with alcopop.

Gaymosexual said...

When I have dined with the young man we drink pink drinks. Rose wine and Sloe Gin. It's the way forward I tell you.

Limehouse Dan said...

Lee has also forced ME to drink rose wine during working lunches. But I must support him on his consumption of port. It's a marvellous tipple. Best consumed when wrapping presents, I find!

Perry Neeham said...

You were surprised that Lee drinks port? Why?

He has the motto 'Any Port in a Storm' woven in Latin under the school crest on his blazer.

Limehouse Dan said...

Very good, Amopodex!

Qenny said...

Lee wanted a port? How greedy! Most of us would be content with one or two sailors.

Dicky said...

No, I suppose I wasn't suprised. He needs something to sip on when he puts his knitting down.

Pink drinks, eh. Well, it's nice to know the whole thing is themed. I might be willing to stretch to a strawberry milkshake. Shaky, shaky, shaky.

I tried to post this comment this morning, but it's obviously been swallowed by the gaping void. x

Tickersoid said...

My God the number of times my life has been saved at 3am in Dorothy's Chip Bar in tiny Caroline Street, is no ones business. It's become all trendy now they've turned the brewery into a night spot, 'The Yard'.

To cap it all 'Chip pan alley' is tipped at the St Mary's street end by two fab' gay bars.

Sorry, I know no one want's to know, It's just that the memories kept flooding back.