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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Fabulous Letter

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica Season Two

Dear Doctor Baltar,

If you really want to build a Cylon detector, just check the crews to see who is a b-list cult TV star from yesteryear. Within you'll find him from Due South, Xena Warrior Princess, and Al from Quantum Leap.

If you ever see someone who looks like Claudia Black on your ship, run. Your show will be cancelled within the year.

Lots of love,
The Gays.


Eden said...

I missed the season premiere and my husband was telling me about it. My reaction:

"Dean STOCKWELL is a Cylon?"

Why are the girls hot and the guys so lame? I mean, I enjoy Dean Stockwell but hell. Ewan McGregor will do sff.

Frank said...

Awww, poor Claudia Black. I mean, yeah, Farscape was cancelled, but it did have like four good seasons or so and a successful TV movie. And it's not her fault SG-1 got cancelled; I mean, it got ten seasons and you could make an argument that she's been on it TWO years, anyway.

Howard said...

I may need to watch some of this - I loved the old version but have totally let the side down with the remake.

mainja said...

the best part is that i was reading this and thinking "due south, who's there from due south" which is particularily funny since john and i refer to callum kieth rennie as "new ray"... *smacks forehead*

i knew good old dean was a cylon as soon as he said "because i'm a cylon and i haven't seen you at any of the meetings."

i can't wait until they get scott bakula on board.

there have been lots of STNG alum too, broccoli as in one episode, the first admiral was the bajoran woman, and lots of other things.

i have pointed out that apparently one gets type-cast as a sci-fi actor.

AndyT13 said...

Well, just getting caught back up.
Great to be reading you again. The preist story had me howling. :-)

Neep said...

But, but...

Do you want to have me crying about Stargate all over again?

Latest news is there will be 2 straight to dvd movies. No word on RDA involvement.

Bob said...

Yay. You've finished. Now let's move on to Season 3.

Speaking of Due South ... have you seen "Slings and Arrows"? Smart, funny and dark. Sort of like you.