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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Office Full of Women

They're giddily talking about mamagrams behind me. And sticking cameras where most of their husband's have never been able to go without three bunches of flowers, a trip to the cinema and at least a half-hearted attempt at a backrub.

I'm learning more than I should. I always assumed a mamagram was when the housekeeper from Gone With The Wind turned up at your office and sang a song for you. Then stripped.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, I think that image is going to linger in my mind all day. Some things just shouldn't be seen... and where did she get those finger symbols?
Somebody hit her with this cantalope before she does the chicken dance.

Jams said...

Ah, bless Hattie McDaniel.

Qenny said...

Oooh! I laughed a lot, and then got my references crossed with the French & Saunders take on Gone With The Wind. Now I have visions of Dawn French stripping, which isn't an image I want in my head.