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Friday, April 20, 2007

See The Day

It's been leaked that apparently Girls Aloud, our band of choice, are to split. Again.

If we did the whole Gay Penance thing every time it was announced - 10 Hail Marys, 15 Hello Duckys and 6 Sarah Lee gateaux - we'd be the size of a house come Michaelmas. But all of a sudden the rumour's got a bit more credence. A couple of the sites I read are going with 'Girls Aloud To Split' headlines. Yes, even the 'Hot Frot Jock' sites - which I read entirely for the cookery tips.

Well, how very dare they. They can't split up. If you cut us, do we not bleed? Well, yes. Chambourd in a few cases, but the colour's the same.

This site goes a little further and states that the glory days of girlie pop are coming to an end in September and they're all going to pursue other careers.

They may survive because they never reached the giddy heights of the Spice Girls (no Mel C, we're not going to buy your single. No matter how often you mug to camera and wave that offensive fringe at us). Apparently, come the autumn they're all going to 'take a break' - a music euphemism that's been going for years; aren't Boyzone on a 'break'? We thank heaven for small mercies as, frankly, they sounded like a thousand crows in a furnace.

Sarah and Nadine are going to try acting while the others are going to try going into business. Yes, including the ginger one - oh we can't wait to see what dead-eyed Nicola does next! But you can be assured that she's probably quite good at business matters - I've seen Forbidden Planet. Robots can do addings really quickly.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Nicola will assimilate us all and take over the world!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Run away!

Frank said...

What do you want to bet Nicola will end up being the only one who's a success outside of the group? The universe just wouldn't do something so cruel to you, Lee, as to deprive you of her in pop culture!

P.S. The world verification for this comment is "Oolby." Isn't that a village in Kent or something?

Stuart said...

NOOOOO! thats it, where is my black outfit and sunshades - I'm officially mourning! However, I cant say it hasn't come as much of a surprise though, the greatest hits album usually indicated they haven't got no new material, or may be on the verge of a split, and did you see just how bored poor little Nicola looked in the video for that awful collaboration with sugababes!

Gonzo said...

Nadine will nurse her boyfriend's hangovers.
Let them go... and please take Sugababes too. And All Saints, and Il Divo.
The Girls were good. Left a mark, now time to move on. I think it's the right move for them. Leave while you're up.

Qenny said...

Don't go knocking Nicola's business aspirations. She'll do very well standing in shop windows.

Me said...

The mind boggles at what kind of business those girls could get into.