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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Doesn't It Just Wear You Out?

Yesterday a telegram arrived from Spain - do you still get telegrams? No? Well you get the idea - DickStop, it said, Getfinger outStop.

OK, so Lee is probably far too busy getting beautiful bronzed Spanish boys to massage sunblock into his pasty pelt, downing pitchers of sangria till his head fizzes, dancing the night away... that sort of thing. But I know that if he was here, he would have brought you an insightful reflection on Tony "equality for gay people!" Blair's ten years in power... or, at the very least, a rundown of the very best frocks off of the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest.

I did catch a bit of Blair's speech, but he's dragging this departure out so long I wouldn't be surprised if, come June 27, he's stood on the doorstep of no 10, saying, "Hang on a mo, I've just got to pop back for something." And Eurovision... well, I didn't watch it. I mean - why would I?

This kind of laziness is one of two very good reasons why I wouldn't blog on a full time basis. The other hinges on the fact that I'm a very confessional kind of person - which suits - but I fear that might open up my potential readership to a world of self pity. The horror!

But laziness, in some small measure, I'll put my hand up to with pride. This weekend I've been gloriously lazy, because that's what weekends are for. Although I was brought up short at one point. Tom, my statistically astute flatmate, had asked me to tape Like Totally Doctor Who while he was away in Bristol pretending to be a Dalek. It featured the editor of Doctor Who Adventures asking a bunch of kids to design a spread for his magazine in half an hour. "Are they trying to make my job look easy!" I railed. "I'd clear a good six hours for that kind of thing." Even Lee himself would insist on the best part of the morning and some complimentary sandwiches.

I've seen the future. And it's geeky Welsh children making me look lethargic, workshy and past my prime. Have pity on me.

Whoops. x


Spike said...

away in Bristol pretending to be a Dalek

My new answering machine message.

Qenny said...

Oh, I'm not sure. I think the Welsh children might have a point ...