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Monday, July 16, 2007

Coming Over All Daily Mail

I see Kerry Katona's been broken into.

Well, her house that is. One may wager that she herself is not that hard to enter; indeed, there's talk that they have to put 'Do Not Enter' signs on the bottom of her nightie each morning to stop the milkman driving his milkfloat up there.

I am, of course, horrified by this turn of events. What kind of a world do we live in where former pop stars are harassed by... ordinary folk. Well, I say 'pop star' - Ms Katona was last in the charts while I was still learning the ins and outs of what went on around the back of the bike sheds. These days she's best known as the former frontperson of Iceland, the low-cost supermarket specialising in frozen food for the less discerning shopper. In short, she is the face that launched a thousand chips.

Clearly this paid very well - the robbers made off with the cream of Argos goods, including plasma TVs, laptops and games machines. Raise your eyebrows if you wish and cry 'insurance scam' (Ms Katona was recently replaced in those ads by the Nolan sisters. Know your demographic, we say) but we at Glitter for Brains are convinced it was merely some gentlemen coming back from the pub, fancying some oven chips and thinking 'Hey! I know who'll have some..!'



Nomes said...

When you're done with the DM, fancy responding to the resounding tagging I've given you?

Go on, dish the goss on yourself...

Owen Blacker said...

That Helen of Troy reference is the first thing to make me smile (apart from pretty Met police trainees) all day.

We *heart* you!