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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On This Day...

Ten fascinating facts to cut out and keep!

...In 1654, Welsh gold mined in Dolaucothi was used for the first time in a royal wedding ring. This tradition has been maintained ever since: same mine, same seam of gold, and the same miner who is kept alive by supernatural means by the Queen Mother.

...In 1284 the battle of Egerton Stanwick took place. Or at least, it was scheduled to do so. Except it was raining, so they had a jumble sale instead. Edward I was reportedly very pleased with a woolly hat he found, and some sausage rolls.

...In 1774 a meteorite struck Tunguska, causing devastation and dust clouds the size of photocopiers. As a consequence property prices in the area rose sharply, as it was unlikely to ever happen again.

...In 1802 nothing happened at all. A small boy in Devon fell over and grazed his knickerbockers, but that was about it.

...In 1880 Alexander Graham Bell received the world’s first telephone call enquiring if he was happy with what he was paying for gaslight.

...In 1959 a research kitchen in Bolton produced the first of the range of cakes sold under the Mr Kipling label. A packet of six Bakewell Tarts cost a shilling. Mr Kipling himself doesn’t actually exist, but is one of the many names given to the legendary “green man” figure. American retail organisations have thus banned any Mr Kipling products from the US market for fear of a connection to Olde Magicke, psychic powers, and Michael Praed.

...In 1964 Doctor Who episode, The End of the Fire was broadcast. It marked the conclusion of epic eight-part story The Reign of Terror. Unfortunately due to the BBC’s deleted tapes controversy, and the Radio Times being on strike for the final two weeks of the story, few even realise this story is the length it was. A poor audio recording was recently recovered, said to include the sequence where the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan tells of how she made the whole thing up about orange skies and silver trees and that the word “TARDIS” is actually Gallifreyan for “sex shop”.

...In 1972 the world’s first iPod went on sale in Bloomingdales, New York. It was a Radiogram, sealed inside a bus, with racks of records tended to by dwarves. Due to its weak fuel economy, and the fact that the dwarves never got anything to eat, the unit’s life expectancy was reckoned to be about 8 months. Apple are still trying to get close to this with their more modern version.

...In 1981 tennis star Serena Williams was born. It’s a little known fact that she and her sister Venus were part of a sinister genetics experiment by the US government to create a super-race born to serve. Sadly no one looked up the work in a thesaurus.

...In 1982 the UK mining industry collapsed. Some blamed Scargill. Some blamed Thatcher. Few realised it was largely due to the efforts of a zombie miner from Dolaucothi who had threated to go on a rampage for fresh brains unless he was given more work.


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FIRST! First time! Pays to live where it's already tomorrow.

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Most entertaining, MG.