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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pretty Hate Machine

My brother hates David Beckham. It goes so far as to deny the guy any footballing ability (which he undeniably has) or indeed any positives at all, because of the masses of media attention the man and his wife continue to get. Personally, I don't believe they ever started off thinking, "right, we're going to ensure we're in all the papers all the time" and that their lives have become what they are because of the British press' inability to leave people alone. While the Beckhams' life now isn't something you'd turn down yourself, you do wonder if it's the one they'd have chosen had the UK media not pressed them into a mould they'd made for them.

So basically, I'll defend David and Victoria quite some way out of a sense of sorrow for the life they can never lead. I'll argue when anyone says David can't kick a ball. I'll argue that Victoria hasn't made the worst solo-Spice Girls singles. I'll argue that he's doing a lot more for kids' sport in the UK than the Government. I'll argue that she's not the vapid, silicone-filled airhead the media love to portray her as.

And then I see this:

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Victoria, it's a shoe. A fucking shoe. That's why you can't get a ring tone.


Miss Honey said...

My Grandad started trying to answer his shoe. We had him put in a home.

Mystery_Guest said...

I think what I find most depressing is that she does appear to be having a startling conversation.

Or talking a load of old cobblers?!!

No? Oh well, please yourselves.

CyberPete said...

But it's a lovely shoe

and the loveliest thing in the photo

Jo said...

And what's that in the bottom left hand corner?

My, haven't Ziggy and Chanelle off Big Brother aged well.