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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Ah the Doctor Who Series Four launch party. Two glorious episodes and someone's credit card behind the bar. And I don't know who suggested we did shots near the end of the evening, but I have a burning suspicion it was me. On top of a good few glasses of wine as well. Well, I say 'on top' but that only turned out to be for a short while - I was gloriously sick as soon as I got home. Real gut-wrenching, red-wine-spraying sick.

As my mother says, if the bar is free, you'll pay for it in the morning.

Oh I tell you, I'm not good today. I haven't this fucked since I was in the boy scouts. And while I'm acutely aware this follows hot on the heels of another 'oh my, wasn't I drunk' entries, I can honestly say the thought of drinking again revolts me clearly as much as sanity does Miss Mariah Carey.

I was meant to be out tonight, a dressy work event. Well the clothing is willing, but the spirit is weak. I can't do it again. No thank you. No more.


mainja said...


Frank said...

So, before you got sick, were you in the middle of a Tennant/Barrowman sandwich? Details! *LOL*

Stuart said...

ahhh, the old "the thought of drinking again revolts me " story... if I had a pound for everytime I have heard someone say that only to be back necking Martinis whilst eating their cornflakes in the morning, 2 weeks later!

jgeary27 said...

Ugh, I've been forced to finally sign up for an account in order to comment.

Dearest Lee --

You need the quick 3-step Unfailing Cure For Too Much Drink:

1. Alka-seltzer. Yes, it's horrid, but just choke it down. Pun not included. Please provide your own.

2. A nice lie down. Maybe some tea.

3. Gin martini, dry, straight up, with an olive. Wait! Do not be put off in your current state. Do steps 1 and 2 first, then take a deep breath and jump back in.

Works like a charm every time. Anyway, I'm off for my 5th such evening in 6 days. Wish me luck.

Stepfordtart said...

OOch. Shots and red wine. Thats never good. Commiserations. s x

CyberPete said...

Did you start drinking again?

I hope so, salute mate!

*raises champagne glass*