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Friday, April 18, 2008

Old Lady Love

So yes. Four days with almost no-one to talk to but two overly-attentive cats has given me a troubling insight into my future. You know, I actually went out for a book of stamps to at least talk to a human being yesterday. All I need now is the sagging cardigan to match my backside and we're done here.

Still, in a predictable old lady way, I can at least say the cats are adorable. I haven't had cats in years, not since moving in with a lesbot who are always guaranteed to have a couple en suite. Those two also practiced the highly-evolved cat behaviour of 'Tag Team Love', where one is always all over you, the other one stays at an aloof distance with a look of 'see what you have to work towards here' in their eyes. And this is why I love cats - their love is not unconditional. It's not even conditional. Its a barely-hidden tolerance that ramps up towards a physical affection as soon as you do something for them.

Hm. Apparently your ideal pet also describes your ideal partner. Even more spooky, viewers, was as I wrote that line, The Avalanche's 'Frontier Psychiastrist' just popped up on my playlist, where the line "That boy needs therapy!" is repeated over and over. I think The One True God Cher is trying to tell me something...

And while I 'puzzle' that one out, I shall divulge one drawback to me having cats: the hair. Not just theirs, mine. It's not really much of a secret that I'm a strategically-shaved monkey and when I have a bath, it tends to look like someone's washed a resistant Alsatian in there. So not only am I shedding (summer coat's coming through), so at the minute are the cats; meaning that wherever I go there's cat hair in my beard, and beard hair in their fur. Hair everywhere! If, heaven forfend, someone has to do a DNA profile on my body, they're going to think I'm some sort of felix erectus with Wiskas cat biscuits on my breath. Although I can explain the last bit quite satisfactorily: last night I came back drunk and this not being my own house, thought that it was cereal. They're not bad with milk, I'll have you know...

Anyway. You know what I mentioned in the last entry about being in someone's abode and walking through their foibles? I thought one of the cats had brought in a dead animal, but it turned out just to be a ladies wig already under the bed. A common mistake in a gay household, I'd wager.

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Snooze said...

I can relate about the cat hair everywhere.