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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 Things I Learned While Watching Wall-E

Twinkie Bars have a Best Before date of over seven hundred years

If you love someone, show them you can set fire to things

If you love someone, stare at them while they are unconscious and they will eventually love you

Kids will now want a pet cockroach

The film's main theme is not how a robot can give humans back their humanity, but how Apple peripherals are still compatible with each other - even after half a millennium.

Even in CGI films, they reuse sets to save money

If you can't be bothered to deal with the difficult issue of the main plot, shunt it into the a couple of slides during the end credits

Humanity's entire culture is now based on 'Hello, Dolly!'

...Meaning most of the new generation will grow up to be Gentlemen Who Can't Catch.

...Meaning we won't survive another hundred years

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