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Friday, August 15, 2008


Here's a question for you: why do gay men get invited to more hen nights than they do weddings?


Kathleen Bradean said...

If you were playing Queen For The Day, would you invite someone who

1) was much more fun at a party,
2) you couldn't force to wear world's ugliest, frumpiest bridesmaid dress so you'd look better in comparison, and
3) knew better than to show up in public with blue eyeshadow on unless he meant it as ironic blue eyeshadow?

Mystery solved.

Qenny said...

Yeah, what Kathleen said. They don't want us stealing their limelight on their big day. But it's okay for us to outshine them and take all the attention on the night that their girlfriends would otherwise focus entirely on them and attempt to embarrass them in public.

Kezza said...

Hens nights are usually attended by over alco-popped women desperate for a good time and some man candy they can grab without getting hassled in return. Enter the gay man. When it comes to weddings though gay men usually exhibit the same behaviour that they would at a hens night and are struck off the list. Sad but true and you only have the wider gay populace to blame. Besides I'm sure the bride's Aunty Mavis would be thrilled at the prospect of queing for a bathroom stall/makeup mirror behind a clutch of fawning homosexuals.