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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Slight Return

And so I'm back at the BBC for a month or so, doing - amongst other things - work for 'Spooks: Code 9' (as far as I can tell, despite a nuclear terrorist attack, nasty turquoise eye shadow is still available for Georgia Moffett in such quantities she could re-coat a Navaho bracelet) and bumping into Martin Jarvis in the canteen (I resisted the urge to tell him how much I liked him as a giant moth in the 1960s 'Doctor Who' story 'The Web Planet').

The other fun is I'm kind of hot-desking for this first week. I have no problem with hot-desking as I am rather want to accumulate all sorts of crap, including Liberty X gold discs (as rare as smiling pictures of Nicola from Girls Aloud now) and an inflatable Dalek. The downside is you're often put on the desk next to people who are hot-desked for a reason. I'm currently positioned adjacent to a gentleman who knows one line from Oasis' song 'Hey, Lyla'. But that doesn't stop him singing it over and over and over again. If he doesn't deist, I'm going to counter it with a tuneless rendition of The RAH Band's 'Clouds Across The Moon'. THEN he'll be sorry.

And you're often left scrabbling for stationary, like a dog begging for table scraps. However I did manage to find a notebook left here by the previous occupant. It's mostly empty (score!) but as I thumbed through there was a solitary note in the middle, a rather arch 'Maybe if she didn't spend all day on Facebook' in pink ink.

I don't know who wrote this, but I love them.


Qenny said...

I wonder just how much difference there would be between a tuneless rendition of Clouds Across The Moon and a note-perfect performance of it ...

Spike said...

I'm rather wondering to what purposes an inflatable Dalek could be put.