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Monday, October 06, 2008


Every now and again, something happens that makes me think that the rest of the human race has been using old thermometers as drinking straws, and that I'm the only sane one amongst you. You see, there's this new tv show called 'Fringe' on, and I think it's nonsense. Not good nonsense, like 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. But bad nonsense. Like 'Charmed'. And yet the reviews and ratings... people like it?

Now, I have a bit of a soft spot for the show's creator JJ Abrams as he was responsible for 'Alias', a show of infinite entertainment and - more importantly - infinite costume changes. Oh yes, I know what I like. Meanwhile "the show will jump the shark early and often," Abrams has been heard to say. I'm inclined to believe him, in fact the show starts in mid air over said shark, gaily waving pom-poms and grinning at the camera like a Girl wot has Gone Wild. Personally, I ran the gamut of emotions while watching it, all the way from boredom to anger and back again. To whit...

Things I Took Against:

* Intrusive floating styrofoam letters telling me where the stock footage was from.

* The woman playing Scully having a voice-over voice. You know, one that sounds like every time she speaks, she should be selling me something that would give me a new lease on life like dramatically-reshaped tampons.

* The conspiracy arc introduced in such an half-arsed lazy way. It just had the stench of being one of Those Type of Shows, so I was tapping my teeth, waiting for its arrival. I would have gotten on with it a lot better if there wasn't one, where Scully had been going "There must be a conspiracy! All shows like this have a conspiracy!" and the Haitian going "No, no. No idea what you're on about. This is just a freak accident, love" and whistling through his gappy teeth.

* The whole first ep is meant to take place over two days. So, she flies to Iraq and back, breaks a guy out of a mental asylum, sets up a lab, takes LSD, saves the human race and uncovers a conspiracy. Sheesh, imagine what she's like when she's not so tired.

* People who are in loving relationships in the first episode of a show must know they have signed their own death warrant by saying "I love you" in the first act. Or turn out to be evil. So pity Scully's boyfriend who gets to do one, then the other, then back again.

* Lazy, lazy characterization. "She's fiesty! He's bumbling! He's mad and wants a cow!"

* What does JJ Abrams have against planes?

Things I didn't Take Against:

* Joshua Jackson in this variation figure looks familiar to me. Not sure why, although I think he looks like someone who either goes to my gym, or I've had sex with. The two are clearly interchangeable in my addled mind.

Personally, I shan't be watching again. Unless there's more costume changes, naturally.


savante said...

Or unless a hotter guy comes along in the show? Joshua Jackson is cute enough but still...

LĂ©onie said...

What's wrong with Charmed?!

Spike said...

Yeah but no but, it has a cool robot arm!

Lippy said...

I do love Joshua Jackson but I'm just terrified that he is going to grow up to be George Clooney. Do you see where I'm going with this?