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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Disco in the Serengeti

While lying in bed last night, dear Ryan informed me that the collective noun for zebras was 'a dazzle'. I like it when he tells me things. Like I'm not to worry, the don't actually take the celebs off and shoot them like lame horses when they lose on 'Strictly Come Dancing' and that I must have been taking my zinc tablets because three times a week is good for a man my age. Oh my, he's the smart one in the relationship.

But yes. A 'dazzle of zebras', apparently.

I hope they do jazz-hooves when they say it.


travelling, but not in love said...

Jazz hooves and a fabulous whinny.

I can see it now. Just divine.

Young Thos. said...

Alternately: a zeal of zebras.

I'm not sure what to do with that.

Keyword said...

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CyberPete said...

That would have explained why we haven't seen Stephanie Beacham since she was on the show.

Should we go look for the poor dear?