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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Constant Chatter

Oh, Twitter.

You know, ages ago one of you darling readers actually emailed me to ask me to go on there, which was very sweet I thought. 'Why would I want to bore the intertubes with tiny missives about putting the kettle on?' I did wonder. Well, I've never been that quick at the uptake when it comes to technology, frankly: this laptop runs Windows 95 and the... lets just call it a 'personal massager' that resides behind the sideboard is a delightful steam-powered creation of Mr Stevensons that can chip your teeth if you accidentally fill the coal bucket a bit too far. Anyway, I was happily ignorant of the whole thing until my equally backward friends decided to join. Yes, I'm that easily led. I'd have probably gone along to a Nazi rally back in the day because someone told me it was a good idea, I'd like the uniforms and had failed to read the pamphlet.

I digress. I've gone and joined up to Twitter, because I feel my celeb stalking has been a bit lax of late, and I'm hoping to find Ryan Reynolds on there. And lets face it, the 140 character box probably takes him all day to fill, bless. Aww, I like 'em dumb enough not to ask any questions, like 'what's in this drink' and 'why can't I walk'. But if you are on Twitter already and have been riding the technological zeitgeist for the last two years, do feel free to add me at LeeBinding.

I'll happily keep you updated as to when the kettle is going on.


CyberPete said...

Is that Twitter thing like Facebook?

I will have to stick to that as my last adventure to something new and supposedly kool involved glitter and unicorns on myspace.

savante said...

Wonder what Ryan Reynolds would write on his Twitter.

Kathleen Bradean said...

We can only hope Ryan would write: Now where did I put my shirt? Oh well. I'll just go without.