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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


The Boy and I are getting a kitten, just like proper settled gays. Next it'll be stretch pants and toupees, and trying to get local youths to fix some aspect of the house in shorts.

She's one of the mad scramble that are on this web-cam:

Problem is, she can't be taken away from her mother til she's 12 weeks old, so it's like she's been ordered from Amazon and in postal limbo. 'Your kitteh has been dispatched and you will be notified when she is available for delivery'.

Oh hurry up. Some of the best toys are the ones without batteries.


Tim said...

Can I be a godfather?

Even if it means I have to wear shorts.

Perry Neeham said...

"can't be taken away from her mother til she's 12 weeks old" - frustrating isn't it? Now you know how Madonna feels.

Lee said...

I love you, Perry.

And Tim, you're on.

Tim said...

The kittens are asleep. Why are the kittens asleep? I didn't click to see sleeping kittens. I demand a button that will set off a klaxon, waking the kittens and thus making them entertain me!

Ellie said...

They woke up! They woke up and are playing!

Orchis said...

I saw them suckling !