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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Popped to see low budget wonder film 'Moon' yesterday. Oh it's alright, and Sam Rockwell is pleasant enough to look at from some angles, but curiously not all. You can see all the reviews saying that it was a 'brave' role. To me, this means that if this were Meryl Streep she wouldn't wear any make-up and sport that special shapeless grey cardigan given to all actresses involved in dramas where a lot of cleaning products are on show in their kitchen. Here bravery translates as Rockwell having to stand around in pants and vest, looking a little tired and pot-bellied. Like the weight restrictions made him leave any kind of Nivea behind on Earth. The film depends on him delivering a powerhouse performance and yes, he's great in it - but not brilliant. You can tell something is up when he's sometimes outshone by an emoticon.

Speaking of which, the other main cast member is Kevin Spacey as Rockwell's robot help, a suspended box with a HAL-like eye and an inexplicable coffee mug holder (perhaps someone misunderstood the name 'mooncup'?). Spacey is doing his best HAL impression - his emotionless delivery is on par with any Megan Fox performance; and the slight echo to the voice is very unnerving. Like he was reading it in the steamroom of Gentleman's Health Spa 'Pleasuredrome' - which happens to be a few doors down from The Old Vic. I'm just saying, is all. I shall watch it again on DVD with the sound up, listening to see whether I can hear the furtive shuffling of towels in the corner, the distant laughing of Polish boy functionaries throwing around their mops and buckets, and the light crunch of the unfathomable grit that fills the place.

Overall, good film. Not great - it feels like there's just one element missing to make it a classic. And the plot twist (helpfully given away in the trailer) will leave Gentlemen Who Tape The Oscars smiling a wry smile at what they'd do when they discover what's in the crashed Lunar vehicle. I think it'd be a great way to while away three years, but then I've always been a little narsssistic. Grin.

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Tim said...

I was disturbed by grubby Rockwell. I mean, I know we the viewers needed a way of telling them apart, but I still think anyone in that situation would've made at least some effort to wash the blood and vomit off their top.