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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I caught the first episode. S'all right. But:

* If the flashforward happened at the same time all over the globe, surely half the world would have been asleep when it happened?

* Why did all the aircraft drop out the sky? Don't they have autopilot for these things?

* Why, in the background of Alex Kingston's bit, was Big Ben aflame? I mean seriously, what the hell they storing up there? All the newspapers with Princess Diana on the cover? Is there a bell tower? And the rope to the bell tower is actually made of candle wick?

* Why are so many buildings aflame? I mean come on. It was two minutes! Are all the buildings just sitting around going 'No-one's looking, no-one's looking... NOW NOW NOW!!!'

Buuuut I didn't tune in for some realism. I tuned in to see fit men have their tops off. Taps watch. I'm still waiting, and I didn't see any in the flash forward either. Something's remiss...


JahTeh said...

I hope you saw more of the episode then we did in Melbourne where every ad agency must have sold their souls to the devil (don't they always)to grab a spot in the supposed hour we didn't get.

Long time lurker who would like you to go over Dan Brown's book again, I've lost track of the plot.

Word Verification was sessesse, like Langdon asking for sex.

Lee said...

Aw, bless you!

You know, I have *no* idea what the plot of the book is. Seriously. It's just sapping my life, and I'm *this* close to giving it up and going to read Valley of the Dolls.

Adore you for your comment, tho. x