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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Lost Symbol IV

Still ploughing through this tome.

So right now, we're still in the Capitol Building, and we're wandering through the basements to Sub-Sub-Basement 13 ('SSBXIII' - geddit?) and along the way Robert Mary-Sue Langdon is telling us all his pet theories about everything from The Masons to the American '13' conspiracy theorists, who would apparently 'have a field day' if they discovered that underneath the Capitol Building there are 13 tiny rooms. Well I'm so pleased that they are clearly so excitable that they'll probably burst into song at hearing about George Washington's storage space. If only we were all that easy to please. I can't imagine them going around IKEA without riot police being called.

Meanwhile upstairs, Warren Bellamy is hammering to be let into the building. Mr Bellamy is the heavily-foreshadowed 'Architect' of the Capitol Building meaning that he's in charge of the running of the whole structure. I for one find it odd that he's in charge of the whole building and doesn't have a key to get in but that's just me. I assume that Dan Brown is going to reveal all in a few chapters and not just drop this loose thought like a hot potato. That's been carved with ancient runes.

Finally they reach the door, and the vile Character Traits on Legs shoots open the door to reveal a secret sanctuary containing an old desk, a couple of candles, a skull, an antique hourglass, a crystal flask, a scythe, and some paper. This apparently means he's a Mason though I'm not sure why as I used to see all this sort of paraphernalia on the top of the clothes racks in River Island back in the early Nineties. I loved it looking like that in the day. I was forever popping in there for some new stay-pressed action-slacks and an antique typewriter.

Back in the room, the vile Character Traits on Legs finds that there is a secret panel at the back of the room and reveals an uncapped pyramid covered in symbols. Rather fortuitously she then gets a text message with an X-Ray of Langdon's bag, and in the package he'd got was the top of the pyramid. The vile Character Traits on Legs then shouts at him a lot for hiding what are apparently state secrets. Yeesh, I'd hate to be at her family during present unwrapping for Christmas.

I shall continue over the weekend. However I am missing Pam the air stewardess. At least she was fun.

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