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Friday, August 06, 2004

The Holiday

Well, my little holiday was an absolute hoot, and I hope you all had a lovely time under Amanda Tapping. And that noise was dear regular reader Jules falling to the floor in a dead swoon at the mere idea. I believe Evil Best Friend Declan would classify the term as 'she's got a moist-on'.

Ah, dear Declan - what a delight to holiday with! There was a full moon over the weekend - his busy period - so I didn't see that much of him of an evening, and when I did, he was just ecstatically happy that there was a whole stretch of virgin sand to write 'I (heart) Myra Hindley' in, much to the trauma of early-rising parents. And he only threw the Bible out of the window once, bless. He was really trying.

Oh, and I do have a strange tale of the staff in the hotel. The first morning, we went for a graceful swim at 8.30, and popped back to our room at 9am. There was a charming functionary turning down our bedclothes, and slyly helping herself to the mini-bar. We nodded a hello and left for a breakfast martini or two. We popped back up at 10.30 and she was still scrubbing away. So we went for a good walk, coming back after lunch, and lo - there was our raven-headed peon, determinedly vacuuming at her pelmet. Which is by no means as filthy as it sounds.

Really, I do like attentive staff, but this was a little out of the ordinary. So eventually we just let her move in. She seemed more than happy sleeping at the foot of my bed, and - bonus! - you could just throw your shoe at her and she'd mix the most marvellous Mai Tai.


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