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Friday, August 13, 2004

I Can Die Happy

The List Of People I Want To Meet in Doctor Who goes thus:

Lalla Ward
Mary Tamm
Lynda Bellingham
Louise Jameson

Yesterday I met them all. Yes, all of them. In a room in Brixton. Drinking tea. Where I was wedged between the tea urn and a pile of handbags.

I think by the end of my day every single one of my gay fuses had blew.

For future reference:

* One of them is addicted to eBay.

* One of them gave up smoking for 16 years. But then, while doing a film in Prague, an 18-year-old A.D. took a bit of a shine to her. He was 'as fit as a butcher's dog' and dragged her back to her trailer for what she claimed was 'officially the best sex I have ever had'. When he offered her a post-coital ciggie and she practically dragged it down in one. She's been back smoking ever since.

* One thought my covers for Gallifrey were marvellous. They spent most of the time in the Green Room drawing little pictures of K9 in biro on their script.

* One fabulous member treats everyone like dirt. As was expected.

* One nicked the other's paper while she was off recording, and had a go at the crossword. Upon the other's return, the first starlet idly passed it back and said she'd jotted a couple of things down. The paper's owner, who incidentally treats people like dirt - literally looked at it for two seconds and announced "Well, that's wrong."

* One can power nap. She simply does some breathing exercises, and nigh-on passes out for five minutes. She unfortunately did the exercises just before she was called on set for a well-known TV show: "As the director called 'Action!' I could feel myself just slipping. 'Well, there goes that take!' I thought as I slid into unconscious and right off my chair..."

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