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Thursday, August 26, 2004

I Used To Be Famous...

Oh, the birthday present crop has been a bumper one this year! And while I'm not at all swayed by material goods* I can truly say I am blessed by all that I received. These included my first piece of proper art, a t-shirt with Alias' Francie on it (hoo!) and a pack of cards with celeb mug-shots on. Michael Jackson is the Joker! New Favourite Thing!

Anyway, certainly the most intriguing and fabulous thing was a present from the dear Wife - he's bought me a regression session with a psychic! I'm going to find out what I was in a former life! Oh, I wonder what I was... the sheer gamut of possibilities make me giddy. I wonder, do any readers out there have any ideas?

Was I:

* A goldfish?
* Calamity Jane?
* A burly farmhand, as seen in many Bel-Ami videos?
* A fabulous pair of curtains?
* Joan of Arc?
* Joan Crawford?
* Melissa Joan Hart?
* Walter Plunkett, the late costume designer for Gone with the Wind?
* Gates McFadden's wig during Season Two of Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Or something even more fabulous? Just think of the potential! Do feel free to click on the comments and let me know. I mean for one, the Wife thinks I used to be Cleopatra. I think that's what he was on about. He definitely said I'm 'so the queen of de Nile'...

Anyway, I'll update you all once it's been done! Hurrah!

* BWHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHAAA-haahhahahha-hahha-(breathe)-hahhahhahhahahaha! Ha! Ha! Ha. (wipes tear) Oh, I'm really too much, aren't I?

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