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Friday, May 01, 2009


Well. Isn't it embarrassing that your long-forgotten gaydar account sends you an email just at the moment your boyfriend is leaning over to poke a finger at your in-box which, by the way, is not as filthy as it sounds? All of a sudden I was like Hugh Grant with Parkinson's - stuttering and fumbling all over the shop. I was mortified! I haven't been so embarrassed since I was having sex with this guy in the dark when he tried to slip something in my mouth, and when I told him I didn't smoke, he got dressed and said "That was my cock."

Poor lad. It was like a button mushroom with ideas of grandeur.

Anyway. Said email was an offer for unlimited access to all the cock-shots on there for free. How marvelous! It's like a 'two-for-one at Boots' on desperate men! So what does it mean when the recession could have finally creeped in on the site we lovingly call 'Sit-On-My-Face-Book? Should we worry when the sex industry is hit? I tell you for one, I'm glad that I'm not on it at the moment due to the sky-rocketing costs involved. Not for the website - but have you seen the price of Rohypnol these days? I'd never get laid!


Perry Neeham said...

Oh lordy, you're flying today.

Tickersoid said...

Reminds me of the old days One night of rum and rohypnol and waking up with the Cyn-Coed Rugby Club.